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 Rego Park Real Estate: Minding Your Manners at Open Houses

After over a year of keeping to ourselves, it seems that some of us have forgotten how to behave in public. If you are checking out Rego Park real estate, don’t be one of those people!

People are selling, people are buying, and open houses are back on our schedules. Don’t make an unsavory impression while you are looking at potential properties! Before you set off on your search for Rego Park real estate, read these tips on how to navigate open houses like a pro:

  • Name, please!
    When you arrive at the open house, don’t forget to sign the attendance sheet. You’re not obligated to anything when you sign. In addition to giving the hosting agent a way to follow up with potential buyers, the sign-in sheet also tracks attendees for safety reasons. If you’re not interested in the home, say so and they won’t contact you.
  • Leave no trace.
    Most Rego Park real estate owners appreciate when open house attendees remove their shoes or use shoe coverings before taking their self-guided tour. Wear socks and slip-on shoes to prepare for this possibility.
  • Hands to yourself!
    Remember: Somebody probably still lives at the house you’re touring. How would you feel if strangers were pawing through the clothes in your closet? Avoid touching the owner’s personal belongings and ask the hosting agent before you open doors, drawers and cabinets.
  • Leave your refreshments at the door.
    We understand that it’s been a long day touring Rego Park real estate, but leave your cup of coffee in the car. Spilling your drink on the homeowner’s carpet does not make a good impression!
  • Give other attendees their space.
    Everyone deserves a chance to make the most of the open house. Be polite to other attendees, but avoid in-depth conversation about the home (or anything else, for that matter). Wait for other people to exit a room before you enter so that nobody feels rushed.

If you are interested in Rego Park real estate, contact Rego Park Realty to find out what homes are open in our neighborhood this weekend!

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