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 Free Home Estimate

Free Home Estimate

Pricing a home for sale is a complicated process. Sellers often lack the confidence to know if they are asking the right price for their property. Prior to listing, it is important to evaluate how much your property is worth to attract serious buyers and get a fair price. A comparative market analysis and a property appraisal are two common processes used to determine the value of a property. These processes are slightly different:

  • A comparative market analysis helps to determine how much money a seller might get for their property.
  • A property appraisal assesses how much money a lender might loan a buyer to purchase a particular home.

Rego Park Realty offers clients a free property appraisal to ensure that their home is priced fairly for both the seller and buyer. Not all real estate agencies offer this important pre-listing step. Rego Park Realty recognizes the following benefits to obtaining a property appraisal before listing your home:

  • The information provided in a property appraisal can help the seller and agent avoid pricing the home too low.
  • A property appraisal can help to attract serious buyers with a fair asking price.
  • A home that is well-priced with the assistance of a property appraisal may spend less time on the market.
  • When property appraisal information is available at showings or open houses, potential buyers are more confident that they would be paying a fair price.

Rego Park Realty is committed to serving their clients, offering crucial services that are often overlooked. Our free property appraisal for evaluation purposes is another way that we prioritize our clients’ needs. Contact one of our professional agents today to see what your home is worth!

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