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 Guaranteed Program

Selling a home can be an intimidating and risky process. These fears are familiar to many sellers:

  • They are afraid that their property will spend a long time on the market.
  • They wonder if they will need to lower their asking price in order to sell their property quickly.
  • They fear that they will experience financial strain during the selling process because their property is spending longer than they expected on the market.

Sellers often wonder if their agent should be doing more to expose their property to potential buyers, but they are reluctant to question the agent’s efforts. They desire some sort of guarantee that their home will sell, but they feel like a guarantee would be asking too much.

At Rego Park Realty, selling your home quickly and at a fair price is our job. We take our job so seriously that we offer a Guaranteed Program to qualified sellers. We guarantee to sell your home in 25 days, or we will sell it for free.

Sellers can experience these benefits from our Guaranteed Program:

  • We will not take a commission if your home is not sold within 25 days.
  • The seller does not need to feel as though they should lower their asking price to sell their home quickly.
  • The seller can be confident that our agents are working diligently to find serious buyers for their home.
  • We will provide a clear, written contract outlining the terms of our Guaranteed Program.

At Rego Park Realty, we recognize that this program is unique. Our agents are ready to take on the task of selling your home and welcome your questions about the process. Contact Rego Park Realty today to find out more about our Guaranteed Program.

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