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Rego Park is a relatively tiny community nestled within Queens, but it is one of the most dynamic real estate markets in the borough. Construction of new condominiums and rental apartments along with existing residential homes have attracted the attention of buyers and renters eager to take advantage of the neighborhood’s relatively modest prices and its proximity to Midtown Manhattan.

Our agents and brokers at Rego Park Realty are anxious to share their knowledge of the local neighborhood with buyers. A conversation with one of our agents imparts valuable information about the community, including the latest on shopping, schools, parks and recreational facilities, museums, and restaurants. Our buyers also benefit from our insightful knowledge of the properties currently available for sale as well as properties that might be coming onto the market in the near future.

Among the types of properties we can offer buyers are the following:

We commit the time and effort to provide buyers with the most current market information and pricing analysis for any property in which they might have the interest to satisfy their concerns about overpaying.

Making buyers an attractive to sellers

One of the methods we developed to make the offers our buyers make on properties more attractive to sellers is to arm our buyers with the market and property data to present an offer that will be taken seriously. Hot real estate markets, such as the one happening right now in Rego Park, can cause bidding wars between buyers vying for the same property. An offer close to or at market value is one a seller takes seriously, so we do the research and discuss pricing with our buyers to structure an offer sellers will accept.

Another strategy we use to make our buyers stand out is to have them meet with a lender to be approved for a mortgage before taking them out to see properties. Rego Park property owners do not want to waste time while a buyer applies for financing, so a letter from a lender showing a buyer is preapproved can sway a seller to accept an offer.

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