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Mixed Use

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Mixed Used Properties

The Rego Park neighborhood of Queens offers real estate options that are often unique to urban communities. Mixed-use properties are prevalent in Rego Park, adding to the convenience and walkability of this desired neighborhood.

What is a Mixed-Use Property?

A mixed-use property is a structure that serves multiple purposes. It is a type of commercial property that is typically found in one of the following combinations:

  • Residential space and retail space.
  • Residential space and office space.
  • Office space and retail space.

What Does a Mixed-Use Property Look Like?

Mixed-use properties vary widely in size. The smallest mixed-use properties can consist of a single-family home with one unit set aside for an office space. In a neighborhood such as Rego Park, mixed-use properties are often designed as a row of commercial or office units on the bottom with multiple stories of residential living above.

Purchasing a Mixed-Use Property

The agents at Rego Park Realty know that mixed-use properties are common and in-demand in their neighborhood. They possess a knowledge about the market for mixed-use properties that is rare in the real estate industry. Rego Park Realty understands the characteristics of mixed-use property and will help buyers:

  • Verify the certificate of occupancy to ensure that the buyer is getting the type of property that they desire.
  • Secure a loan that is most appropriate for mixed-use purchases.
  • Understand the terms of their mixed-use loan.

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