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 Mortgage Consultation

Sellers Benefit From Mortgage Consultation Services

Selling a home, condominium or cooperative apartment in Rego Park presents many challenges, but a real estate professional at Rego Park Realty is there to help sellers get the most for their properties in this up-and-coming New York City neighborhood. We’ve also partnered with MortgageDepot to offer our sellers free mortgage consultations to make their transition into a new home a smooth and effortless one.

Why does a seller need a mortgage consultation?

The demand for properties in Rego Park has turned it into a fast-paced market that is both good and bad news for sellers. Getting the highest value for your home is always good news, but the bad news is that buyers paying top dollar for a home don’t want to wait while the seller finds and is ready to close on a new home. This is where a mortgage consultation with a loan officer at MortgageDepot can help.

As soon as sellers meet with their real estate professional at Rego Park Realty to list their home for sale, they should meet with a loan officer to arrange financing on their new home. It’s never too early for a mortgage consultation.

Benefits of consulting with a mortgage professional

A consultation gives sellers information about mortgage products offered by different lenders. The loan officer slowly leads sellers through the following steps during a mortgage consultation:

  • Review a seller’s financial picture, including income, debts, savings and assets owned.
  • Work with the seller and the real estate sales professional from Rego Park Realty to determine the maximum amount of financing needed for the seller’s new home.
  • Go over available loan products that suit the seller’s financing needs, including interest rates.
  • Guide sellers through the preapproval application process with the lender chosen by the sellers.

A preapproval gives someone looking for a home immediate credibility with homeowners who might have offers from several buyers to consider. The preapproval tells a homeowner that the person making an offer to purchase has the financing in place to complete the transaction in a timely manner.

For sellers of homes in Rego Park, a mortgage preapproval obtained early in the process of selling their home offers the peace of mind of knowing they can accommodate buyer requests for a quick closing. The work done at a mortgage consultation propels sellers that much closer to being in their new home.

Schedule a mortgage consultation today

Homeowners should let their real estate professional at Rego Park Realty know of their interest in scheduling a mortgage consultation. MortgageDepot loan officers will go out of their way to accommodate everyone’s schedule.

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