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Families and individuals who are seeking Condos for sale in Rego Park will find exactly what they are seeking. Rego Park, which used to be farmland until nearly 100 years ago, was named after the company that developed the land. Over time, people moved into the neighborhood.

Rego Park Listings:

The community in Rego Park is strong, and there is a group of individuals named the “Rego Park Group” that specializes in supporting community life. Education has always been a focus in within Rego Park. Popular elementary schools include Horace Harding School and Rego Park School. Private schools in the area include Our Saviour Lutheran School and Resurrection-Ascension School.

There are great places to shop within Rego Park. One popular one is Rego Park Center. This center includes stores such as

  • Old Navy
  • Century 21
  • Kohl’s
  • and Manadee.

Wonderful restaurants include:

  • Dallas BBQ
  • Panera Bread
  • and Red Mango.

There is a business district within the community, and it features local shops.

Painter’s Playground is an excellent park for children to be in the community. There is plenty of equipment for children to play on and to jump around. Furthermore, a basketball court is a good place for people to expend energy. Finally, the trees and grass make it a wonderful place to relax.

The community has a wide variety of Condos for sale in Rego Park that can be purchased.

  • Some condos are worth more than $1 million,
  • while others feature a studio look. These studio condos are less than $100,000.

A vast majority of condos were built in the 1950’s and 1960’s. In fact, many have two bedrooms and two bathrooms. The space that each condo can vary considerably, but many have a good amount of space and can feature high ceilings. Some condos received professional renovations.

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