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 Rego Park Real Estate Is Yours With a Mortgage Pre-Approval

What is the first step you should take when looking for a new home? Many of our clients begin their Rego Park real estate search by looking at available listings online. While this is a fun task, there is something that you should do before you jump into online listings: get a mortgage pre-approval.

Why Is a Mortgage Pre-Approval So Important?

A mortgage pre-approval is the first item on a homebuyer’s to-do list. Getting a pre-approval in hand will prepare you for the wild ride ahead. Here are three compelling reasons why you need one:

  • A mortgage pre-approval tells you how much money a lender will let you borrow to purchase a home. You might be more comfortable spending less, but your pre-approval amount will give you an upper limit.
  • If you have a mortgage pre-approval in hand during your Rego Park real estate search, sellers will see that you are a committed buyer and will take your offer seriously.
  • In the long run, getting a mortgage pre-approval is a timesaver. When you’re ready to complete your final mortgage application, you’ll use much of the same information and documentation that you used for the pre-approval.

Preparing Your Paperwork

The mortgage pre-approval process requires its fair share of paperwork. When you sit down with a mortgage broker to discuss your potential Rego Park real estate purchase, have these documents with you to facilitate the process:

  • Income info, including W2 and/or 1099 forms
  • Bank statements, retirement account statements and other asset records
  • Student loan payments, credit card statements and other relevant debts
  • Bankruptcy and foreclosure details, if applicable
  • Child support and alimony payments, if applicable
  • Records related to gifted funds that you intend to use for your home purchase
  • Additional documentation requested by the lender

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