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 Rego Park Homes for Sale: See It All During a Virtual Tour

If you’re thinking of purchasing an urban home, you’re probably looking forward to touring Rego Park homes for sale. Getting an up-close-and-personal view of properties that could be yours in the near future is about as exciting as it gets!

COVID-19 precautions have changed the way home tours work in 2021, but it’s not all bad. It’s now easier than ever to see all of the properties that catch your eye!

What if we tell you that you can check out Rego Park homes for sale from your living room, while you’re out of town or during your subway commute to work? Virtual tours make this possible, but buyers have a few things to remember. Here are three of our favorite tips for maximizing your virtual tour:

  • Print a copy of the home’s layout before the tour.
    If you have the property’s floor plan next to you, it will help you stay oriented during the tour. Try to get a layout with dimensions noted so that you can visualize the size of the rooms. If the home has a yard, see if you can get an entire property diagram to understand the lot’s dimensions.
  • Try to get a live tour.
    A live tour is guided by an agent. You’ll need to make an appointment, but you’ll connect remotely via a video app or software. If you take a real-time tour of Rego Park homes for sale, you’ll be able to ask questions and have the tour guide zoom in on intricate details that might not be visible in a pre-recorded tour.
  • Go slow.
    If you are taking a pre-recorded tour, pause or rewind as needed to see every inch of the home. If you are taking a live tour, speak up! The tour guide will gladly backtrack or zoom into shadowed corners. Ask questions too!

After you’ve seen Rego Park homes for sale from a distance, your agent can help you schedule private showings to see your frontrunners. Get in touch with Rego Park Realty today to see how we’re showing homes safely!

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