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 Rego Park Homes for Sale: Four Tips To Get Your Offer Noticed

If you ask residents, they’ll probably tell you that Rego Park is a convenient community with a friendly vibe. It’s near shopping, dining and public transportation, and it has a decent safety profile compared to other New York City neighborhoods. No wonder there’s so much buzz surrounding Rego Park homes for sale!

When everyone is checking out homes in a popular area, that can only mean one thing: bidding wars! As real estate agents in Rego Park, we’re no stranger to bidding wars.

If you are interested in Rego Park homes for sale, don’t let bidding wars scare you away. Here are a few tips on how to stay on your toes when other buyers want what you want:

  • Consider a cash offer.
    Money talks, and this is especially true in Rego Park homes for sale. If you have the means, a cash offer catches sellers’ attention. They will look at your cash offer and see an interested buyer with little risk of the sale falling through. What seller wouldn’t want that?
  • Include an escalation clause.
    An escalation clause says that you will beat the highest offer by a set amount, up to an upper limit. Doing this ensures that you will always have the highest bid on the home you want until it exceeds your budget.
  • Accommodate the seller.
    If the seller needs to close in a hurry or rent from the buyer for a short time until they figure out their next move, be flexible. If you are willing to go the extra mile on these requests, this can mean the difference between taking the keys or continuing your search for Rego Park homes for sale.
  • Get personal with a letter.
    A letter describing your reasons for falling in love with a particular home could tug at the seller’s heartstrings enough to accept your offer. This tactic works well if your offer is similar to others placed on the home.

If you are interested in Rego Park homes for sale, talk to Rego Park Realty to learn more about how to succeed in a bidding war!

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