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 Rego Park Condos: Gearing up for a Successful Sale

In some ways, selling a condo is a lot like selling a single-family home. In other ways, it’s vastly different. Selling any home is an art, and Rego Park condos are no exception.

What do you need to know before you put your condo up for sale? Here is a list of things that we go over with our clients before we list:

1. Review any HOA restrictions for condo sales in your building.

Some condo HOAs have restrictions about property showings, so we always check the bylaws before we advertise an open house. While we’re at it, we skim the rules for any other unexpected restrictions that might apply to your sale.

2. Thoughtful staging is critical to the selling process.

Staging can make or break a condo sale. Rego Park condos in the same building naturally have the same look, so it might help your transaction if staging efforts focus on unique aspects of your unit. Highlight your living area’s glittering skyline view, or show off the extra space that your corner unit offers.

3. Include shared features and amenities in the listing.

Before we write up your listing, we always take stock of your building’s amenities. Building security and parking are a must-have to many house-hunting urbanites. In addition, pools and fitness centers are fun extras that might attract buyers. We also put in a good word for your building’s location, especially if you are close to public transportation, parks or retail.

4. Condo buyers like to see interior upgrades.

Like single-family home seekers, condo buyers like to see an updated interior. If you have no interest in remodeling before you list, don’t worry. Sometimes a thorough deep cleaning or a fresh coat of paint can turn drab and dated into new and shiny. If you’ve upgraded any of your condo’s features while you’ve lived there, we’ll be sure to mention it in your listing.

Do you need more tips on selling your condo successfully? Contact Rego Park Realty today to talk about the art of selling Rego Park condos.

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