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 Rego Park Condos and Their HOAs: Points To Remember

If Rego Park condos are catching your attention, welcome to the club! Condos are a great way to own a piece of urban real estate, and buyers are buzzing about Rego Park.

What about condo HOAs? When you think of an HOA, you might think of yet another check to write. While it’s true that most HOAs require a monthly fee, they also come with a list of pros and cons that have nothing to do with dollar signs.

Let’s take a look at the positives and points to remember about Rego Park condos and their HOAs:

Pros To HOA Living

Here at Rego Park Realty, we are an upbeat group. That’s why we are going to start by listing these HOA benefits:

  • HOAs handle exterior upkeep, such as common area lawn care, exterior paint projects and snow removal.
  • Rego Park condos with HOAs tend to offer more amenities than their non-HOA counterparts.
  • Your HOA fee might include certain utilities such as trash pickup, water and gas.
  • If you have a conflict with a neighbor, your HOA can step in and give support.

Must-Know Info About HOAs

Since we like to look at the positive side of things, we decided not to write a list of HOA cons. Instead, we are giving you a few things to consider about HOAs as you explore Rego Park condos:

  • HOA fees vary, and some can be quite steep. The larger the building and the more amenities it offers, the higher the monthly payment.
  • If you live in an HOA, you need to follow the rules. Check the bylaws for restrictions before you paint the door, park your bike in the hallway or welcome a pet.
  • If the HOA board hasn’t planned well, you might be responsible for a special assessment on top of your monthly fee. This might occur if the building is in serious need of a major repair, such as a new roof.

As you look at Rego Park condos, keep this valuable information in mind and as always, get in touch with Rego Park Realty to learn more!

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