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 Rego Park Co-ops: Prep For Board Interview Success!

The last time we chatted about Rego Park co-ops, we offered some tips on creating a stellar board package. We’re happy that you followed our advice! There’s just one more step in the process: the board interview.

If the mention of a board interview makes you think of the theme from “Jaws,” fear not! We’re back to help you nail your board interview with these five tips for (almost) guaranteed success:

  • Dress the part.
    We hope that a co-op board would base their decisions on more than what their interviewees are wearing, but the fact remains that clothing makes an impression. Play it conservative and dress as though you were heading to a job interview. There’s no need to be excessively formal, but clean and put-together will help you land a spot in Rego Park co-ops.
  • Be prepared to answer questions about your application.
    Did you leave any parts of your board application blank? We hope not! If you did, be prepared to discuss why you omitted the information. Bring any necessary paperwork to back up your explanation.
  • Slide copies of your financial information in your briefcase.
    The board probably has all of the financials that they need within your board package, but it can’t hurt to have an extra copy at the ready during your interview. Coordinate with your broker to learn what documents would be the most helpful.
  • See if Fido is invited.
    If you have a pet, the board might ask to meet this special member of your family at the interview. Here’s a hint: Rego Park co-ops are looking for clean pets with manners. You might not be able to control the manners, but you can control the clean part! Give Fido a bath before the interview (if he is invited, of course).
  • Keep your answers short, sweet and complete.
    Answer the board’s questions thoroughly, but don’t give them any more info than they request.

You’ve almost claimed your spot in Rego Park co-ops! Get in touch with Rego Park Realty today to learn more about acing your board interview.

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