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 Rego Park Apartment Rentals: Stuff You Can’t Live Without!

Rego Park apartment rentals aren’t exactly the most spacious living quarters in the world. To be blunt, some are downright tiny! That doesn’t make us love them any less, though. It just means that we need to outfit them carefully, moving in with only the essentials and leaving frivolous extras behind (OK, maybe you can pack a few extras in your moving boxes!).

Whether this is your first apartment in Rego Park or your first apartment ever, we’re here to help. Here is a list of must-haves, big and small, to furnish Rego Park apartment rentals:

  • A coat rack: An entry closet is pretty rare in Rego Park apartment rentals. Pick out a coat rack to place at your door, and while you’re at it, invest in a few attractive yet functional organizational pieces to stow shoes, sunglasses and winter gear.
  • A futon: If you’re lucky enough to have an apartment with a spare bedroom, that’s awesome! For the rest of you, overnight guests will probably need to sleep in your living room. A futon (or at least a comfy couch) will make their visits more restful.
  • Window treatments: Urban apartments don’t offer much privacy. Unfortunately, many apartment dwellers don’t realize this until they come face-to-face with a tenant in the building next door. Hang curtains pronto to avoid an awkward situation.
  • Extra lamps: Some Rego Park apartment rentals get minimal sunshine through their windows. Nothing is more depressing than a dark apartment, so assess your natural light situation and purchase enough lighting to illuminate every corner of your unit.
  • A tool kit: Your landlord is only a phone call away, but they won’t be too excited if they get a call from you every time a lightbulb burns out. Keep a basic tool kit handy to address minor repairs, such as loose doorknobs, unhinged cabinets and of course, those pesky lightbulbs.

If you are ready to move into Rego Park apartment rentals, we can help! Talk to Rego Park Realty today for more ideas on what you’ll need to be comfy, straight from our clients!

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