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 Rego Park Apartment Rentals: Four Tips for Maximizing Your Space

Some Rego Park apartment rentals might be small on space, but with a little know-how, they are big on style! Here are some of our favorite tried-and-true tricks to make your urban apartment seem a little larger.

Tip #1: Sneak in storage.

Select furniture pieces that do double-duty as storage containers. A vintage trunk that holds extra blankets can act as a coffee table, or a pretty storage box that holds out-of-season clothing can serve as a nightstand.

You can also find storage units that fit narrow or irregular spaces, such as under-bed storage boxes or containers meant for corners. These solutions help urban dwellers discreetly use every bit of precious space in their Rego Park apartment rentals.

Tip #2: Keep your decor light.

While most Rego Park apartment rentals probably frown on painting the walls, you still have control over your decor! Light-colored furniture, linens and artwork can go a long way in making a cramped rental feel more open and airy.

Tip #3: Natural light is your friend.

Everyone loves to be outside on a sunny day, but when you let natural light shine into your apartment, you’ll never want to leave! It’s a well-known interior-design tip that light spaces feel larger and dark spaces feel smaller. With that being said, invite natural light into your apartment! It’s a cheap way to open up your tiny space.

Tip #4: Investigate alternatives to a traditional bed.

This tip is especially useful for our friends renting studio apartments. A bed takes up so much valuable space in Rego Park apartment rentals, but you can’t compromise on a comfortable place to sleep. Check out Murphy beds or lofted beds. One of these options might be the ticket to more floor space!

An Important Note

Before you make any major changes to your apartment, ask your landlord! Projects that you classify in the “home improvement” category could be considered lease violations.

If Rego Park apartment rentals have you struggling to find space, get in touch with Rego Park Realty today. We have tons of tricks for managing apartment life to share with you!

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