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 Rego Park Apartment Rentals: Finding a Roommate During COVID-19

Finding a roommate that you mesh with is never an easy task for anyone living in Rego Park apartment rentals. Throw a worldwide pandemic into the mix, and it’s downright intimidating!

How can you get a good vibe from a potential roommate when we’re limiting face-to-face contact to stay healthy? Will your new roomie be on the same page as you regarding COVID-19 prevention? These questions weren’t on our radar until last year.

If you’re looking for someone to share your space (and the costs of living in your fabulous digs), pull up a chair. Here are our best tips for finding a roommate to share Rego Park apartment rentals in a “new normal” environment:

  • Conduct your first meeting virtually. Connect by FaceTime, Zoom or another virtual platform to make small talk, discuss deal-breaker behaviors and take your potential roommate on a tour of the apartment. If all goes well, plan an in-person meeting.
  • Find out their stance on COVID concerns during your virtual encounter. Before you invite a potential roommate to a face-to-face tour, discuss their views on mass gatherings, mask-wearing and inviting guests into the apartment. If their take on pandemic safety matches yours, it’s another positive sign that an in-person meeting is a “go.”
  • Talk about work. Rego Park apartment rentals can feel crowded quickly when they pull double-duty as a home office for you and your roommates! If your potential roommate is currently working from home, find out what their schedule looks like and if their work-from-home arrangement is permanent.

    If they aren’t working from home, do they perform a job that increases their exposure to COVID-19? If so, find out what steps they take to stay healthy.

  • Discuss cleaning habits. We all love a tidy roommate, and it’s even more important today! See if your candidate is open to creating a cleaning schedule and divvying up duties to keep things neat and sanitized.

If you’re looking for your next apartment in Queens, Rego Park apartment rentals might be your answer! Get in touch with Rego Park Realty today to see what’s out there.

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