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 Reading Rego Park Real Estate Listings: A Buyer’s Guide

Have you ever looked at Rego Park real estate listings and tried to decipher what some of the terms mean? It’s hard to visualize a space when you don’t know what an “alcove” or a “junior three” is.

These days, we’re relying on technology to give us an initial look at Rego Park real estate. Knowing the language is the first step in understanding what the pictures and virtual tours are showing.

We gave you a vocabulary lesson in a previous post, but today we are going to put a spin on it. Here are some commonly-used terms that you’ll see when you read Rego Park real estate listings:

  • Classic Five, Six or Seven: These are co-op, condo or apartment layouts typically found in prewar-style buildings. A Classic Five has two bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen and a dining room. A Classic Six features three bedrooms, while a Classic Seven has four.
  • Convertible: A convertible is a co-op, condo or apartment unit in which a large living area has been “converted” to include an extra bedroom.
  • High ceilings: You might think this is a matter of opinion, but high ceilings have a real-life definition. High ceilings measure over nine feet. You’ll see high ceilings in many prewar-style buildings throughout Rego Park real estate.
  • Pullman kitchen: A Pullman kitchen is arranged against one wall. Pullman kitchens are the norm in Rego Park’s studio units.
  • Murphy bed: A Murphy bed folds up into a wall when not in use. Murphy beds are often featured in studio units.
  • Original detail: This is tough to define, but we included it because you’ll see this phrase used often in Rego Park real estate listings. Original detail usually refers to decorative molding, intricate mantles and other unique and original features found in an older home.

We hope this guide helps you get an accurate visual of Rego Park real estate listings. If you would like to learn more about what’s on the market, contact Rego Park Realty today to search for your next home in Queens!

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