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 Personalize Rego Park Apartment Rentals With These Four Ideas

If you currently live in Rego Park apartment rentals, you already know that you’ve scored some of the most desirable housing in Queens. With its prime location, easy access to public transportation and friendly vibe, it’s easy to see why so many people are trying Rego Park on for size.

There aren’t many cons to Rego Park apartment rentals, but one of the biggest negatives is the lack of ability to personalize your space. Most landlords discourage tenants from making any permanent changes to their units.

How can you make your apartment a reflection of you and still collect your entire security deposit when your lease is over? Here are a few of our favorite, budget-conscious and nonpermanent ideas that you can use to pretty up your apartment:

  • Don’t discard your paint.
    You might not be able to paint your rental’s walls in your favorite shade of chartreuse, but you can go crazy on your furniture! Collect a few secondhand pieces, grab a paintbrush and get to work.
  • Experiment with removable wallpaper.
    Removable wallpaper has hit the home decor scene over the past several years, and it’s an innovative way to add a little excitement to Rego Park apartment rentals. Grab a friend to help and spend an afternoon creating a patterned accent wall. When it’s time to move out, follow the manufacturer’s directions for a mess-free removal.
  • Give your kitchen a mini-makeover.
    Kitchen remodeling projects have reached epidemic proportions amongst homeowners, but renters don’t have to be left out! Give your kitchen a facelift with removable backsplash tiles. They work a lot like removable wallpaper, making them an easy-to-apply choice for Rego Park apartment rentals.
  • Upgrade your fixtures.
    If you have a rusty toilet paper holder, cracked switchplates or dated cabinet pulls, change them! Be sure to put the old ones in a safe spot and replace them when you vacate.

Rego Park apartment rentals can shine with your personal touches! Contact Rego Park Realty today for more tips on transforming your apartment from a place to stay to a place to live.

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