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 Looking To Sell in Rego Park: Staging Tips for the Budget-Conscious Seller

If you’re looking to sell in Rego Park, you probably already realize that you’ll need to spend money to make money on your property. Agent commissions, home repairs and closing costs can add up quickly.

And what about those professional home stagers? Are they a must-have line item in your sale?

Professional home stagers are like artists. Sometimes they do such a fantastic job bringing out the best in a home that the sellers decide to stay!

If you don’t have the cash in your budget to spring for this service, don’t despair. If you’re looking to sell in Rego Park, put on your staging hat and check out these budget-conscious tips:

  • Roll out the welcome mat.
    Even if your entrance is simply a doorway, make the most of it. A clean welcome mat, freshly-painted door and unintrusive wreath will invite buyers into your home. Fresh mulch, a swept walkway and a maintained yard are also musts (if these apply to you).
  • Do an interior deep clean.
    If you are looking to sell in Rego Park, banish dust, dirt and odors with a major cleaning. Bring a trusted friend or family member (or your real estate agent) over to check your work. Once grime is a thing of the past, it will be easier to do touch-ups before private showings.
  • Start packing.
    Get your clutter out of the way so that potential buyers can focus on your home, rather than on your belongings. Pack it safely away in moving boxes to save time after your sale is final. Rent a small storage unit to keep your boxes off the premises.
  • Put your decor in neutral.
    You might adore the jungle-print wallpaper that you carefully applied in your master bathroom, but potential buyers might not embrace jungle life as much as you. Flip your color scheme to a neutral one to allow potential buyers to envision themselves in your home.

If you are looking to sell in Rego Park, talk to Rego Park Realty today to learn more about staging your home for a successful sale!

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