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 Looking To Sell in Rego Park: Solutions to Your Biggest Challenges

If you are looking to sell in Rego Park, your agent has probably already stressed the benefits of staging your home for success. Slapping on a neutral paint color, deep cleaning, decluttering…all of these things can help your home sell faster and for the price it deserves.

Unfortunately, home staging can only take you so far. Did you know that there are some problems, both fixable and non-fixable, that can derail a sale? Here are some specific issues that make a home tough to sell:

  • A high price tag
    If you are looking to sell in Rego Park, a high price tag can send buyers running in the other direction. If you find that buyers aren’t exactly lining up to see your home, you could always lower the price, but the best course of action is to price your home fairly from the start.
  • A smelly space
    We’re not sure who needs to hear this, but if your home smells like an animal shelter, it probably won’t sell. Smoke is another buyer repellent. If your home is plagued with odors, wash the walls, shampoo the carpets and do other forms of deep cleaning to nix the smell before you invite potential buyers.
  • Lack of light
    Sunlight makes a home feel spacious, and it is a major mood-lifter. It’s no wonder that plenty of natural light is a top priority on buyers’ must-have lists. If you are looking to sell in Rego Park and your home doesn’t offer a ton of sun, don’t despair! Brighten up your rooms with light-colored textiles, give your walls a fresh coat of whiteish paint and illuminate dark corners with lamps to deceive the eye..
  • Dated decor
    If your living room reminds you of your great-grandmother, you should probably invest in some inexpensive, simple and neutral furnishings. Light and airy is always a winner, so keep this in mind as you stage your space.

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