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 Looking To Sell in Rego Park: Four Ways To Avoid a Stale Listing

Stale property listings are a seller’s worst nightmare. As real estate agents, we make every effort to avoid them.

We see your hand raised, and we know what you’re going to ask! What is a stale listing? A stale listing is a must-know term for those of you who are looking to sell in Rego Park.

A stale listing is a property that has been on the market for a long time, usually at least 90 days, without an offer. Depending on the property’s location and the real estate market conditions, the time frame might vary.

Ninety days? You were hoping your home would sell much faster than that, weren’t you? Never fear! If you are looking to sell in Rego Park, here are a few tips you can use to prevent the dreaded stale listing:

  • Do a comparative market analysis.
    If this sounds complicated, don’t worry. Your agent will handle this. A comparative market analysis uses the recent sale prices of similar homes in your immediate area to assign a fair price to your property.
  • Tackle major repairs before you list.
    Pending projects might scare buyers away. If you are looking to sell in Rego Park, tackle big-ticket repairs before you list. If you’d rather not, be clear that you are willing to negotiate on your asking price.
  • Use professional photographs in your online and print advertisements.
    High-quality property photos will make buyers want to see your listing in person. If you or your real estate agent can’t seem to get rid of the dark shadows and blinding glare in your property photos, have a professional photographer do the job.
  • Hire a pro to stage your property.
    A property staging professional might seem like a splurge, but these folks know how to make your home turn heads! They have a “toolbox” full of ways to make buyers feel comfortable in your home, which is one of the secrets to a successful sale.

If you are looking to sell in Rego Park, connect with Rego Park Realty today to learn more about keeping your listing fresh!

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