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 Looking at Rego Park Real Estate? Four Reasons Why Urban Life Is Amazing

Our Rego Park staff welcomes clients from rural areas who want to relocate to New York City. We love to showcase all of the great things that come along with living in an urban community.

We often find that our Rego Park real estate clients who are new to New York City wonder if they are making the right move. Urban life isn’t for everyone, but there are some distinct benefits to taking the plunge.

If you are on the fence about moving to Rego Park, this post is for you! Here are four reasons why city life appeals to so many:

Once you understand the public transportation system, it’s quick and easy to get from point A to B.

We’ll admit that there is a learning curve to New York City transportation, but once you’ve used it a few times, it becomes second nature. It’s relatively easy to get to shopping, entertainment, medical care or your job via public transportation, especially from Rego Park.

There are plenty of housing types available.

Rego Park real estate is diverse, featuring apartments, co-ops, condos and single-family homes. It also tends to be less expensive compared to Manhattan housing. You probably won’t score as much space as you had outside of the city, but moving is a good time to downsize your belongings anyways!

More jobs are available in urban areas.

This statement depends on your field, but in general, there are more employment opportunities in cities than in outlying areas. As a bonus, you might have a shorter commute to work from Rego Park!

There are plenty of ways to entertain yourself in the city.

If you are looking for something to do during your downtime, you won’t need to look very hard in Rego Park. Parks, museums, library programs, concerts and more are easy to find in New York City. Best of all, many activities are free!

If you are looking at Rego Park real estate but are unsure about moving to New York City, talk to us! We’ll give you honest feedback about the pros and cons of urban life.

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