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 A New Synagogue to be Built in Rego Park

Rego Park resident Rabbi Akilov has filed plans to build a new 3-story synagogue on a residential block in the Rego Park community, according to New York City records.

The 3-story building will reach 35 feet in height and sit at 85-94 66th Rd., according to the plan filed with the Buildings Department on Nov. 15, 2019.

The synagogue will be 5,242 square feet with a 1,580 square-foot apartment on the third floor for a total of 6,822 square feet. The building will include a lobby and handicap bathrooms in the cellar. The full first floor will be a worship area and the second floor will house offices, with waiting areas and a lecture room.

Currently, a one-family home built in 1945 now sits on the property slated for the planned synagogue.
The lot was sold to Rabbi David Akilov for $950,000 in February, according to the Department of Finance. He then transferred it to the “Congregation Ohr Eliyahu Inc.” in July 2019.

In April, Akilov began fundraising to build the new synagogue, according to a since-removed gofundme.com page.
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