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Rego Park Homes for Sale: A Top Choice for Urban Families

Is your family ready to experience something new? We can’t think of a bigger adventure than moving from the serenity of suburbia to the big city! If you have your sights set on New York City, check out Rego Park homes for sale. Rego Park is a family-friendly community that blends everything you love about […]

Rego Park Apartment Rentals: Changing the Narrative About Renting

Renting has gotten a bad rap over the years. If it’s so terrible, why do so many people still do it? When you take a break from all of the negative press, you’ll see that there are some valid points in favor of Rego Park apartment rentals. We understand that this goes against everything you […]

Rego Park Real Estate: Minding Your Manners at Open Houses

After over a year of keeping to ourselves, it seems that some of us have forgotten how to behave in public. If you are checking out Rego Park real estate, don’t be one of those people! People are selling, people are buying, and open houses are back on our schedules. Don’t make an unsavory impression […]

Looking To Sell in Rego Park: Solutions to Your Biggest Challenges

If you are looking to sell in Rego Park, your agent has probably already stressed the benefits of staging your home for success. Slapping on a neutral paint color, deep cleaning, decluttering…all of these things can help your home sell faster and for the price it deserves. Unfortunately, home staging can only take you so […]

Find Out if Rego Park Condos Are Right for You!

Rego Park condos stand out as prime real estate in Queens, but are they a good option for all buyers? Even though we’re condo fans, we understand that they don’t work for everyone. How do you know if the condo you have your eye on will feel like home? If you’re on the fence about […]

Purchasing Rego Park Co-Ops: What To Expect

Buying a home is intimidating. We’ve never seen a buyer who wasn’t at least a little uncertain about it. Purchasing a co-op adds a couple of additional aspects to jangle your nerves! If you are looking at Rego Park real estate, you’ll probably have a few co-ops on your list. People are getting excited about […]

Rego Park Homes for Sale: Four Tips To Get Your Offer Noticed

If you ask residents, they’ll probably tell you that Rego Park is a convenient community with a friendly vibe. It’s near shopping, dining and public transportation, and it has a decent safety profile compared to other New York City neighborhoods. No wonder there’s so much buzz surrounding Rego Park homes for sale! When everyone is […]

Rego Park Apartment Rentals: Stuff You Can’t Live Without!

Rego Park apartment rentals aren’t exactly the most spacious living quarters in the world. To be blunt, some are downright tiny! That doesn’t make us love them any less, though. It just means that we need to outfit them carefully, moving in with only the essentials and leaving frivolous extras behind (OK, maybe you can […]

Looking To Sell in Rego Park: Four Ways To Avoid a Stale Listing

Stale property listings are a seller’s worst nightmare. As real estate agents, we make every effort to avoid them. We see your hand raised, and we know what you’re going to ask! What is a stale listing? A stale listing is a must-know term for those of you who are looking to sell in Rego […]

Why We Love Rego Park Real Estate (and You Should Too!)

If you’re reading our blog today, there’s a good chance that you’ve heard the buzz about Rego Park. Rego Park real estate is in demand. Many buyers are waiting their turn to move into this convenient and friendly neighborhood! Since we live and work here, we know the ins and outs of this popular neighborhood […]

Rego Park Co-ops: Prep For Board Interview Success!

The last time we chatted about Rego Park co-ops, we offered some tips on creating a stellar board package. We’re happy that you followed our advice! There’s just one more step in the process: the board interview. If the mention of a board interview makes you think of the theme from “Jaws,” fear not! We’re […]

Rego Park Homes for Sale: Say Yes to a Traditional Floor Plan

As real estate agents who have been around the block, we can’t help but notice that many of our clients have an open floor plan near the top of their list of must-have features. This poses a problem for us, because most Rego Park homes for sale were built well before open floor plans became […]

Looking To Sell in Rego Park: Four Tips To Turn a Profit

We’ve never heard a client say that it doesn’t matter how much money they make when they sell their home. Everyone wants top dollar for their sale! If you are looking to sell in Rego Park, we’re willing to bet that you’re in the same boat. Although location and market conditions influence the definition of […]

Personalize Rego Park Apartment Rentals With These Four Ideas

If you currently live in Rego Park apartment rentals, you already know that you’ve scored some of the most desirable housing in Queens. With its prime location, easy access to public transportation and friendly vibe, it’s easy to see why so many people are trying Rego Park on for size. There aren’t many cons to […]

Reading Rego Park Real Estate Listings: A Buyer’s Guide

Have you ever looked at Rego Park real estate listings and tried to decipher what some of the terms mean? It’s hard to visualize a space when you don’t know what an “alcove” or a “junior three” is. These days, we’re relying on technology to give us an initial look at Rego Park real estate. […]

Rego Park Condos: Paying for the Extras

Just like the spring flowers planted in our window boxes, Rego Park’s real estate market is blooming. People who never thought they would cross the Queensboro Bridge are captivated by Rego Park condos. In Manhattan, five-star amenities are scarce and reserved for the wealthy. In Rego Park, the same top features are attainable for the […]

Rego Park Co-ops: Presenting the Perfect Board Package

You’ve heard the rumors about co-op board packages, and they don’t exactly make you want to rush out and buy Rego Park co-ops. Mountains of paperwork, reference letters, applications that get a bit too personal…It all sounds pretty intimidating! Unfortunately, if you eliminate Rego Park co-ops from your real estate search, you are missing out […]

Rego Park Homes for Sale: See It All During a Virtual Tour

If you’re thinking of purchasing an urban home, you’re probably looking forward to touring Rego Park homes for sale. Getting an up-close-and-personal view of properties that could be yours in the near future is about as exciting as it gets! COVID-19 precautions have changed the way home tours work in 2021, but it’s not all […]

Rego Park Apartment Rentals: Finding a Roommate During COVID-19

Finding a roommate that you mesh with is never an easy task for anyone living in Rego Park apartment rentals. Throw a worldwide pandemic into the mix, and it’s downright intimidating! How can you get a good vibe from a potential roommate when we’re limiting face-to-face contact to stay healthy? Will your new roomie be […]

Looking To Sell in Rego Park: Staging Tips for the Budget-Conscious Seller

If you’re looking to sell in Rego Park, you probably already realize that you’ll need to spend money to make money on your property. Agent commissions, home repairs and closing costs can add up quickly. And what about those professional home stagers? Are they a must-have line item in your sale? Professional home stagers are […]

Rego Park Real Estate Terms Defined for Real Estate Newbies

When you step into a Rego Park real estate agency, it’s like entering a foreign country. You’re surrounded by technical terms and real estate slang, and it seems like everyone understands what’s being said but you. If you don’t speak the language, it’s easy to get confused. This confusion can lead you toward a decision […]

Rego Park Condos: Ask These Four Questions Before You Buy

Do you know where Rego Park got its name? Rego is short for “Real Good Construction Company,” the company that built the neighborhood’s original single-family homes in the 1920s. One hundred years later, Rego Park is still a “real good” place to live, and housing options extend far beyond the detached homes of yesteryear. In […]

Four Rego Park Co-ops That Are Sure To Impress

If Rego Park co-ops have been on your mind lately, we understand! We’re a little obsessed with them ourselves. Rego Park is quintessential Queens. Do you remember “The King of Queens?” That popular early-2000s sitcom took place in Rego Park. A lot has changed in the Rego Park real estate market since the main characters […]

Rego Park Homes for Sale: Tips for First-Time Buyers

Are you are a first-time buyer checking out Rego Park homes for sale? Rego Park is full of buyers who have migrated from pricey Manhattan rentals to find more affordable digs. Home-buying newbies have a lot to consider. Mortgages, appraisals, inspections … navigating the lingo is like trying to comprehend an alien’s language! Here are […]

Rego Park Apartment Rentals: Four Tips for Maximizing Your Space

Some Rego Park apartment rentals might be small on space, but with a little know-how, they are big on style! Here are some of our favorite tried-and-true tricks to make your urban apartment seem a little larger. Tip #1: Sneak in storage. Select furniture pieces that do double-duty as storage containers. A vintage trunk that […]

Looking To Sell in Rego Park: The Cost of Selling Your Home

Today we’re going to shed some light on a real estate topic that many agents forget to mention to their clients: It costs money to sell a home. You heard correctly! If you are looking to sell in Rego Park, you’ll need to prepare for the costs associated with your real estate transaction. We don’t […]

Rego Park Real Estate: Simplifying a Buyer’s Decision

Rego Park real estate is in demand. If you’re checking out homes in Rego Park, your decision-making reflexes need to be fast. … But not too fast! The only thing worse than missing out on a great property is buying a property that you think is great, only to end up with buyer’s remorse. Your […]

Rego Park Condos and Their HOAs: Points To Remember

If Rego Park condos are catching your attention, welcome to the club! Condos are a great way to own a piece of urban real estate, and buyers are buzzing about Rego Park. What about condo HOAs? When you think of an HOA, you might think of yet another check to write. While it’s true that […]

Rego Park Co-ops: A Guide To the Basics

Like most high-density neighborhoods, multi-family housing dominates the landscape in Rego Park. Brick mid-rises, luxury high-rises, townhomes and multi-plexes line the streets of this one-of-a-kind neighborhood. It’s no secret that living in New York City is costly. This is where co-ops enter the picture. Rego Park co-ops are one way to score urban housing at […]

Rego Park Homes for Sale Are a Buyer’s Delight

If you have had your eye on Rego Park homes for sale, it’s time to act. It’s a buyer’s market in Rego Park, so there is plenty of inventory available. As we emerge from our COVID-19 cocoons, let’s see what you can expect as you re-enter the real estate game. Rego Park Real Estate Trends […]

Condo and CO-OP Living in Rego Park, Queens, New York

Rego Park is predominately a community comprised of apartment buildings, multi-family homes, and railroad houses that make up the north side of Rego Park. Apartment complexes include classics such as, The Carol House, Savoy Gardens, Jupiter Court, The Brussels, and the LeFrak City development complex. Today, the Rego Park community is a draw for young […]

Commuting in Rego Park

Rego Park is a community located in the borough of Queens in New York City. Rego Park is bordered to the north by Elmhurst and Corona, to the east and south by Forest Hills, and to the west by Middle Village. Rego Park’s boundaries include Queens Boulevard, the Long Island Expressway, Woodhaven Boulevard, and Yellowstone […]

Rego Park Community

Rego Park is a neighborhood in the borough of Queens in New York City. Rego Park is bordered to the north by Elmhurst and Corona, to the east and south by Forest Hills, and to the west by Middle Village. Rego Park’s boundaries include Queens Boulevard, the Long Island Expressway, Woodhaven Boulevard, and Yellowstone Boulevard. […]

A New Synagogue to be Built in Rego Park

Rego Park resident Rabbi Akilov has filed plans to build a new 3-story synagogue on a residential block in the Rego Park community, according to New York City records. The 3-story building will reach 35 feet in height and sit at 85-94 66th Rd., according to the plan filed with the Buildings Department on Nov. […]

Swedish Super Store Ikea Coming to Rego Park, Queens in Summer 2020

Rego Park, Queens residents, rejoice! You no longer have to make the trek to Red Hook Brooklyn to go to your favorite Swedish superstore. The borough of Queens will soon be getting its very own Ikea in the summer of 2020! Seven months after opening the doors of its Upper East Side “planning studio,” the […]

Shopping in Rego Park

The Rego Center is a shopping mall bordered by Long Island Expressway, Junction Boulevard, Queens Boulevard, 63rd Drive, and 99th Street in Rego Park, Queens, New York. Many current residents of the community are unaware that the mall stands on the grounds of the former “Fairyland” amusement park. The Rego Center’s owner is developing a […]

About Rego Park Schools

For many, anticipation of the annual Labor Day weekend heralds the unofficial end of summer and the return back to school for students of all ages from elementary school to college. For students in Rego Park, Queens, New York, it is no different. Rego Park contains six primary and secondary schools. One of the best […]

About Rego Park

In the early 20th century, Rego Park consisted of farmland. In the mid-1920s, Rego Park real estate was established; Real Good Construction built more than 500 homes in the area. Homes for sale in Rego Park have access to many Jewish establishments, including synagogues and kosher restaurants. This makes the neighborhood a first choice move […]

Rego Park Coops for Sale

⇒ Click Here to View Coop Listings in Rego Park ⇐ Nestled between Corona, Elmhurst, Forest Hills and Middle Village, Rego Park coops for sale are in close proximity to Manhattan making for an easy commute by car or mass transit. The vibrant community provides a quiet respite from the hustle and bustle of the […]

Rego Park Homes for Sale or Rent

⇒ Click Here to View Listings in Rego Park ⇐ Rego Park is found in Queens, New York. Its history starts as a farmland named Whitepot, originally cultivated by English and Dutch, later including German and Chinese. The land was particularly suited for hay, straw, rye, and other vegetables. The Real Good Construction Company entered […]

Rego Park Rentals

⇒ Click Here to View Rental Properties in Rego Park ⇐ Rego Park apartments are located in the serene surroundings of Rego Park, in Queens. Rego Park is located between Elmhurst and Forest Hills, an area that is popular because of its easy access to public transport, including the subway, the express bus and the […]